Leadrank Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, is a professional manufacturer of diamond grinding wheel, Our business purpose "Quality is the fundamental foundation of the service is to ensure development." More to the "preferential prices, excellent quality, excellent service" concept and implementing the company.The company in addition to production and sales of these products, the other based on customer needs and provide all kinds of product information and advisory services. Company based on equality and mutual benefit, reliable quality, timely delivery and reasonable prices to serve our cus ... {read more}

Product Categories

Diamond & CBN Vitrified bonded wheel & Tools

Vitrified Diamond & CBN Wheels

Polished Diamond CBN Series

Polishing Liquid

Vitrified Diamond Wheels

Surface Grinding Wheel

Resin bonded grinding wheel

Resin Flexible Grinding Discs

Polishing Products

Nylon Polishing Wheel

Mold Polishing Tools

Ultrasonic Grinding Machine

Glass Processing Tools

Metal Diamond Wheel

Diamond Files

Diamond Files

Diamond Mounted Wheels

Diamond Mounted Wheels

Carbide Burrs

Carbide Burrs

Diamond Compounds & Diamond

Diamond Compounds

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Tools

Electrical Tools

Electric Grinders


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